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Naung Mai

Est. 1999

The Moment of Thai Flavor

Sawadee! Welcome to Naung Mai Thai Kitchen. At Naung Mai, we view every guest as a member of our extended family, earning us the endearing nickname “Thai Kitchen.” Our cuisine is derived from the heart of Chiang Mai, and we proudly bring Thailand’s vibrant culinary heritage to our community.

From our modest beginnings in a small house to our successful restaurant today, we have always remained true to our small business values of authenticity, community, and passion for our craft. Whether you are a regular or a first-time customer, we welcome you to savor the flavors of Thailand and experience the warmth of Naung Mai Thai Kitchen. 



About Us


Our journey began with Issaree's heartfelt ambition to unite her family under one roof in the United States. Assigned to NAS Whidbey Island during her service in the U.S. Navy, she saw an opportunity to fulfill this dream by opening a Thai restaurant. Inspired by her parents, Ma and Pa, who ran a thriving eatery in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for over two decades, Issaree infused her vision with their seasoned expertise and cherished Thai traditions.

The roots of our business took hold in a humble setting—a small house located at 3015 Commercial Ave in Anacortes. Here, amidst the cozy confines, we cultivated our craft and honed the flavors that would become our signature. But as our reputation grew, so too did our ambitions. Moving to a larger location at 2216 Commercial Ave marked a significant milestone in our expansion journey. It didn't stop there; we ventured further, opening another location in Oak Harbor, spreading the taste of Thailand across the region.


Despite our growth, our commitment to the core values of small businesses never wavered. Ma, the matriarch of our kitchen, remains a constant presence, ensuring that each dish maintains the same quality and authenticity that defines our family legacy. This transition allowed us to evolve without losing sight of what makes us special—the genuine connection we share with our patrons and the personalized care we extend to each guest who walks through our doors.

Awards:  Best of Anacortes; Best Asian - Winner 2018-2024/ Best Catering - Nominated 2024 and Best NAS Whidbey Island Restaurants

News & Updates

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